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I experience life as timeless

October 17, 2019

I experience life as timeless

Where there are time constraints placed on me, I panic

My sense of time in motion, or how much time has passed is non existent

I will often call friends and family and pick up conversations we had months, even years ago

My brain collects photographic images and moving pictures of scenes and events that have passed, yet they replay as though they are always happening

When I engage in an interest, watch a tv series or connect with a friend in a great conversation, I have no idea what the time is or how long I’ve spent doing it

I live in the moment

Life is a series of moments, but not in the way that moments pass in sequences for others

Moments present, past and imagined always exist for me

Time feels like a sadness, a passing, a goodbye

Which is why I struggle so much with transitions

They resemble endings and endings feel cold and empty and sad

When I’m present, when I’m in the moment, I am wholly invested

Emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, energetically

My entire being becomes a part of that moment

Non autistic people switch so quickly and easily from one thing to the next

They seem to flit and fleet and be satisfied with quick glances

I find it difficult to pry myself away from my environment because I am a part of it

I feel more deeply connected to my environment, to my natural surroundings than I do people

And so I get lost looking at a shell on the beach

Marvelling over it’s edges, it’s sides, it’s texture, it’s smell, it’s colour, it’s aura

I see things others cannot see

Everyone, everything has an aura

An energy

I see the colours and textures, the movement of light that dances around and follows a person

So I become entrenched in the energy of that person

I take it all on

I don’t just meet a person

I sense them, I lean into their energy

When I walk barefoot through nature

I feel the energy of mother earth

Buzzing up my legs and into my being

And it energises and awakens me

Everything, every person, every place

Has an energy

A feeling

A vibration

Everything is timeless

And there is no adequate language to express my autistic experience

My immersion in the timelessness

Life is not simple

It is a beautiful, chaotic, overwhelming, all encompassing dance

Of all the things

All of the time.
Kristy Forbes
inTune Pathways
Artist: Demographic Design


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