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The Additional Senses

March 5, 2019


There’s a lot we don’t talk about as autistics.

And there are many reasons for this.

Most of us have spent much of our lives believing we’re crazy, others believing we’re crazy, some of us having been misdiagnosed and medically certified as crazy.

So let’s get really crazy now and talk about the additional senses that many autistics possess.

In my earlier days, I bought a book with a spiritual twist on autism. I was looking for what I knew was something deeply spiritual (which will mean many different things for different people) about certain features of autism.

I wanted to read about what I knew- about the connectedness; the perceptive, intuitive parts of us.

So I wasn’t surprised when I came across mountains of literature on autism and clairvoyance, autism and telepathy, autistic people being multidimensional beings with access to frequencies that others don’t.

Oooh..ca-razy! Right?!

Well, lucky for me, I have an extremely open mind and never shut down on any perspective.

We don’t know everything. We can’t. And I’m sorry if this is radical news, but there are things that even science cannot measure.

There are many labels applied to autistics, whether they’re diagnosed or not, whether they’re aware of their autism or not.

Indigo children, rainbow children, star children, the gifted, empaths, helpers, healers..

But we all share many autistic characteristics.

As children, many of us are hypersensitive. But it’s a sensitivity that runs much deeper than we’ll read in an everyday book on autism.

I’ve spent time with people of many backgrounds, many beliefs, of many temperaments.

I’ve heard stories and seen things I wouldn’t have believed until that moment. I’ve experienced things I cannot explain and for a long time, believed everybody was the same.

Many of us can sense qualities and stories and conditions about others just by being near them, or sometimes only thinking of them, no words necessary.

Buildings, environments, colours, sounds, smells, scenes can emit frequencies and energies received by autistics, and totally missed by others.

There are still times in my life where I find it hard to believe that others aren’t the same as those of us on the spectrum. I struggle to comprehend that others can’t hear and feel the buzzing energy given off by power lines, smart meters, televisions, wireless routers, computers.

I hear it all. I feel it all. Sometimes it makes me physically ill.

There are places I can’t spend time in because I feel a heaviness that makes me ill. And often, they’re places I’ve never been to before.

Many of us have had to learn ways to shut down our additional, heightened senses in order to protect ourselves.

It hasn’t been safe to be real. It hasn’t been safe to share these parts of ourselves because it seems, it sounds, it looks crazy.

People can be grounded, people can be intelligent, people can be scientists and still have experiences they are not able to explain, yet cannot deny, senses quite frankly they’d often rather not have.

I have experienced HUNDREDS of parents anxiously, nervously raise this issue with me about their autistic children.

If your autistic children come to you with stories of sensory receptiveness you struggle to comprehend or believe, I want to encourage you to give them the benefit of the doubt anyway.
If their sleep is disturbed because they report feeling, seeing, smelling or hearing something you cannot, I want to encourage you to give them the benefit of the doubt anyway.

And as much as you may have made it to the end of this post and believe I’m crazy and have just lost some form of credibility, I want to remind you of the importance of suspension of disbelief.

We don’t know everything. We cannot know everything.

Most of us are limited; delineated by our five earth bound senses and not having the ability or the propensity to feel or sense beyond this does not render it redundant or non existent.

It may just be as simple as you not being able to hear the same buzzing of the power lines as somebody else.

But if we tell our children they’re wrong, they’re imagining things that aren’t real just because we can’t necessarily access them, we add to the state of confusion they already contend with.

As parents, we don’t have to believe all our children say or believe, but it’s imperative to support them.


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