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I've been nominated.

July 11, 2018

I'm so humbled to announce that I've been nominated for an AusMumpreneur award in the category of:


'Making a difference - Business'.






In all honestly, I've actually really struggled with this!


I don't feel 'proud' of my business, but extremely humbled by the opportunities I have had to share my message with so many families, educators, therapists and clinicians.


It was only six very short years ago that I was sitting up, in bed, in the middle of the night..sobbing my heart out, gripped with fear, dread, panic, anger, grief and defeat after one of my children was diagnosed with autism.


How things have changed.


My entire life, my entire being, my family..have all transformed into something so incredibly beautiful and joyous that is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed within my own limited experience and understanding of life and love.


It pained me, it still pains me to know that there are families and children still living within the grips of fear, panic, dread, grief and isolation as the result of their children being different - on any level.


As a society, we are only just beginning to understand and embrace neurodiversity (differences in brains) now.


We are only just beginning to accept that perhaps difference does not equate to 'disorder'.


I recently watched Hannah Gadsby's 'Nanette' and was extremely moved by her retelling of her Mother's words in recalling her own grief in how she had responded earlier in life to her daughter's difference.


"The thing I regret is that I raised you as if you were straight. I didn’t know any different, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I knew well before you did, that your life was going to be SO hard. I knew that and I wanted it more than anything in the world not to be the case. And 'I' made it worse. I made it worse because I wanted you to change because I knew the world wouldn’t".


The words moved me beyond measure. I know that many parents relate the same thinking to their child's difference, as I once did. It doesn't matter what a child's difference is, the same principles still apply.


I recognise that as a society, we are still striving to change our children because it appears too difficult for the world to change in it's understanding of difference/diversity.


I decided though, to step out and to try, to try my very best to change the world my children live in because I do NOT want them to ever feel unworthy, lacking, deficient, puzzles to be solved or problems to be fixed.


I want the world to change for all of our incredibly beautiful and bright, neurodiverse children.


My business is my amends. It is my apology to all of the human beings in the world who I previously did not understand or accept.

It is my recognition and acknowledgement of the beauty of diversity and the importance of it's contribution to our world.




Please do VOTE FOR ME so I can continue trying to change the world through advocacy for neurodiversity acceptance and understanding.


It really is a beautiful thing to be different.





And please do feel free to like and share. It helps me to have more exposure to be able to continue sharing my message.


Thank you.



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