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  • Kristy Forbes


Amongst neurodivergent children exists a common ‘characteristic’ that has been presented as yet another deficit. . It is the jumbling or ‘confusion’ of gender pronouns. . It is true that it’s common for our little people to label a male ‘she’ or a female ‘he’. . But this is where the information ends in this regard. . If we pay closer attention, we’ll notice that actually, our children also use the pronouns ‘they’, ‘their’ and ‘them’ more often than using binary pronouns (male and female). . Whilst to outsiders, this seems a confusion of language and/or identification of identity, . I disagree. . Our children see people; not gender. . Just as any cultural norms can be taught, so too, I believe are the social constructs and language of gender and gender identity. . Gender diversity and Queer identity and culture is largely intersectional with neurodivergent identity and culture. . It is an organic, natural and beautifully innocent and purely altruistic characteristic within our neurodivergent children to accept human beings as human beings, unconditionally and intuitively. . It’s important for us as parents and professionals to understand and respect true neurodivergent culture, . Which includes the suspension of enforcing gender conformity and allowing freedom of exploration and expression of identity. . We are perfectly whole and complete, who we are.

Image: Babiekins magazine