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  • Kristy Forbes

Accept and embrace the opportunity

Parenting a child with a pathologically demand avoidant profile of autism is not solely rooted in low demand environments, unschooling, medications, treating anxiety and using non direct language.

It is an entire paradigm shift.

We struggle; we suffer as parents when we fight what is.

And ‘what is’ is not the same as the projection of our fears; our panic over what will become of our children who do not conform.

‘What is’ is change. Opportunity for new understandings, growth.

We mustn’t forget ourselves as responsive caregivers.

As those with direct energetic connections with our children,

It is imperative we identify, acknowledge and process all that is heavy;

All that we carry, all that we have carried.

Before our children, and after.

Trauma, pain, sadness, fear is intergenerational


Will only heal when that one person

That child

Comes into our family unit

And refuses to change.

Refuses NOT to face the reality of all our pain, trauma and fear as a collective of human beings.

I refuse to conform.

I refuse to pretend.

I refuse to fit.

I refuse to enable.

I refuse to submit.

Here it is.

Here it is.

Here I am.

See me, hear me, feel it all.


Screaming out to a society that cannot see

Cannot see

Will not see

We will only heal when we accept and embrace the opportunity

To meet our pain

To meet our true nature

To meet ourselves. . . Kristy Forbes inTune Pathways . . Image: Brooke Smart