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  • Kristy Forbes

Returning to the magic

Updated: Mar 1

Action shot! . We begin every morning with fun. . Truthfully, there are some mornings where I am exhausted and not possessing the energy to live our role play skits but I do it anyway when I can. . For our children who are demand avoidant, there is a profound hypersensitivity to our energy, our body language and our facial expressions and tone. . “Why do you look angry, Mum?” . “I don’t want you to be upset!” . They know. There is no hiding or faking it with our littlies. . As much as I see discussion around the ‘behaviour’ of our demand avoidant babies, I don’t see enough discussion around their fragility. . Their beautiful, inherent qualities to be inTune with their environments and other people. . And to be extremely impacted by it all. . These sensitive little beings take on all of our stresses, concerns, behaviours as their own and often interpret them as being derivative of something they have done wrong to cause us distress or to disapprove of them. . Many of our babies tell untruths to free themselves of the shackles of demands. . They tell untruths to cover the well worn path of having gone to extreme measures to not do what has been asked of them. . This is often because the pain of being disapproved of, not heard, not having their boundary accepted is greater than the pain of having us believe they are pathological liars. . Creating an atmosphere of positive energy, generating happiness in the small moments we have together is profoundly important and transformative. . This picture is of us, Supergirl and Pootonia (yep that’s my name) on our safety vessel as we’re surrounded by sharks. . The fast paced energy, the silliness, the noise, the laughter is brilliantly and luminously wonderful. . And it has taken me some time to adjust. . I was not accustomed to fast paced energy on waking. Who is?! . But we want our children to thrive, to feel connected, to value themselves and to just be happy. . These moments are free of demands, of worries, of judgements, of misunderstandings, of expectations. . These are the moments we see each other. . We really SEE each other. . We embrace our uninhibited, playful, magical childlike selves. . I wish for every parent to allow their children to steer them toward the beauty of these moments. . Where we see beyond the ‘demand avoidance’. . Where we see who our children truly are; and in turn, return to our own magic.