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  • Kristy Forbes

Our Instrinsic Selves

Updated: Feb 25

Our instrinsic self Knows who we are Even when our conscious self Doesn’t. Long hair and fake lashes Attachment to my physical appearance Being representative of my ‘femininity’ Fear A knowing That all the very worst things Society said I could be I probably was Fear of others knowing I was autistic Fear of others’ assumptions About my identity Fear of others thinking Fear of others Fear Fear of Fear of me Living in darkness Dressed in only black Mourning Grieving Longing for An identity Obsessed with my weight Fitting in Conforming And becoming chronically ill Because I was not born To fit in To conform I am autistic I am a being I see people Not gender Categorisation Stereotyping Stigmatising Discriminating Rubbish I discovered My fears Were but projections Of my own insecurities My judgements of others Were born of my own self rejection But my instrinsic self knows It knows who I am Autism beckoned me to light I began to wear colour Cut off that long dark hair Let go of those beliefs and ideas Let it all go And I breathe out now And trust In the process of letting go Unlayering Unmasking Becoming My most authentic Autistic expression I allow all my fears And insecurities To wash over me And guide me Home.