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  • Kristy Forbes

Parents, take control! Our children are Demand Avoidant.

Updated: Feb 25

Human evolution Changing brains Yet such resistance. Our children’s neurologies are changing And are mostly met with fear Terror Angst Misunderstanding Control The need for conformity. Our children are changing Here to bring change Purpose filled Operating from their heart space Crying out for a new way Expressing through their little bodies For us to hear them “Listen to us” “Let us show you a new way” And we meet them with disapproval Fear. We label them with negativity Disorder Autistic spectrum ‘disorder’ ‘Demand avoidance’ ‘Pathological’ Rather than Diverse Freedom seeking Change bringing Disorder disorder disorder We fail to realise These are our children Our children Children! Demand avoidant Avoiding demands Demands We are demanding Taking their control Their autonomy Their freedom Their choice But it is them That the problem lies with Demand avoidant. We are adults Adults Responsible Aged Take charge! Parents, take control! Take control! Take it! Our children are demand avoidant. Disordered. Broken parents Desperate for the permission To love their children Love our children Our children. “We are a social society!” “We are social beings!” Go to school Adorn that uniform Uniform Uniformity Form Line up Sit down Listen We are taking control Control. Projecting Our fears We’ve been conditioned To fear “Jail!” “Psychiatric facilities!” “Dying alone!” Our childrens’ futures Unless We take control! Free thinking? Demand avoidant. Disordered. Ignore the bad behaviour Reward the conformity Drown out the free thinking Get in line There is no Human evolution It only exists in textbooks An idea Take control Reorder the disorder Correct the behaviour No free thinking. Pathological Demand Avoidance . . . . Kristy Forbes inTune Pathways . . . Image: clickinmoms