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  • Kristy Forbes

We are connected to our children

Updated: Feb 25

We are connected

To our children

Beyond measure.

Away from our immediate awareness

Aside from what we think and feel at surface level

We are connected.

We are connected by the most powerful

Energetic force

To exist.

As parents,

Our internalised state of being

Will always be reflected

In our children

Peering back at us

Through their

Innocent being.

So much talk

So much information

Around behaviour

In our children

What we miss

What we fail to understand

Is that in our autistic children

The way they move their bodies

They sounds that they emit

Are expressions


Physical manifestations

Of an internalised

State of being

Or experience

And it isn’t

Always their own experience

That they are expressing.

My children

Are a compass for me

A mirror

A source of accurate feedback

A glimpse

Into my own energy.

Even when I’m not aware

Even when I'm not conscious

Of my struggle

My sensitive, connected, present

Deeply empathic

Deeply empathetic

Children will show me.

Autistic children

Often feel responsible

For the thoughts, emotions

And expressions

Of others

They internalise




For the pains

Of their elders.

Self care

Standing in our light

Knowing our true selves

Embracing and celebrating

Who we are

Is the greatest gift

We have to offer our children

And the only way

To protect, guide and nourish them

To bathe them in security


And love.

Loving ourselves

Is a responsibility

An urgency

A requirement

Not a luxury

An option

A should.

Our children are connected

Deeply connected

No matter how they appear


They are connected

Deeply connected

Profoundly affected

By the energy

And the self love

We offer to them



In this moment.

We change the future

By knowing and embracing and loving

ourselves. . . . . Kristy Forbes Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist inTune Pathways . . . . Image: Via Shayla Miles