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  • Kristy Forbes

The Journey

Updated: Feb 25

As a family, we've been practising celebrating autism as a culture and an identity for a number of years. . Sadly, not long enough. . Our eldest is 21 this year and there are others that come after her. . I was 18 when my eldest was born. . I had no idea about autism, and so I forgive myself for not knowing for 16 years what may have changed her life. . Even with my professional background, even working within the appropriate field to have potentially known.. . I forgive myself. . Another of our children wasn't diagnosed until she was at least six or seven. . This is common. . The reality is, though, even if we'd had the diagnoses for our girls earlier, we may not have had access to the information that guided us to totalautism acceptance. . Autistic pride. . I was 33 when I was diagnosed. . My husband was 35. . We weren't given helpful, supportive information. . For a while, even though we felt relief, we felt less than. . It took incredible suffering and family trauma..so much darkness to propel us into the light. . Disconnection, misunderstanding and frustration with our children. . Contempt, bitterness and disconnection in our marriage. . Serious mental health decline and chronic illness. . Total isolation. . Autism was not the problem. . The narrative, the story we were fed as our future was. . We had to completely fall apart before we completely rebuilt our lives as a family. . And how that looks will be different to the lives of others. . You are not alone. . There are thousands and thousands of families raising autistic children. . You future, your story does not have to be one of doom and gloom. . Pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with. . Notice just how 'supportive' your supports really are. . If it doesn't work for you, for your family, you can choose to let it go. . YOU are priority. . Your FAMILY are priority. . And there are thousands of families out here available to be your new tribe. . A tribe of autistic pride. . . With love, Kristy Forbes Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist