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  • Kristy Forbes

Faeries and Rainbows

Updated: Feb 25

My content won’t always be about faeries and rainbows. . I’m a psych student in my grad year with an extreme passion for abnormal psych and neurodivergence. . I get a kick out of studying human psychology, medical science and my own neurology (Autism) and I get a thrill from writing and speaking about these with a new, progressive and fresh perspective that is derivative of lived experience. . There are many of us working toward empowering families whose children have a diagnosis or diverse support needs and we all do this very differently. . At heart, and by nature I am deeply connected with others through compassion and empathy and my life is happy and joyous. I have worked very hard to get here and I have suffered and struggled. . There is information missing from what families are exposed to following their child’s diagnosis. . The parts where we have permission to love and accept our children just as they are, without needing to panic about their futures, who they will become and watching our current days dwindle away with fear, terror and grief. . And it’s my experience that these missing parts are pretty life changing. . I write about psychology. . I’m passionate about addressing distinguishing features of abnormality and disorder versus diversity and acceptance. . Sometimes my content won’t resonate with everyone. Sometimes it might feel too heavy for you. . And that is absolutely acceptable and totally okay. . But there are families who need this information. . Diversity means we are all drawn to different deliveries of information according to our brain types. And I keep this in mind when I write and speak. . Am I being negative? . No. I’m being real. And I’m being me. And I advocate for this. . I won’t waste my neurodivergence on feeling inadequate or less than. I do what I’m born to do-analyse, unpack, interpret and translate data. . I won’t conform to make others more comfortable. . I’ve followed many people on social media whose message resonated with me when I needed it, and then when it no longer felt right for me, I moved on. . I want to give you permission to do the same. . I’m not only an autistic person. I’m not only a parent of autistic children. I’m also a professional with an eighteen year background in education, psychology, behavioural science, politics and other disciplines. . I love what I do. But here’s a challenge I have.. . My wiring renders me hypersensitive to the words of others. When I read posts and content from others around how we SHOULD be empowering families by moving away from the struggles and the challenges, I internalise that and my brain interprets it as me doing wrong, me harming others. And it takes a lot of hard work and processing to take myself out of that internalised self rejection. . This isn’t about weakness or defect of character. . It’s what being autistic encompasses at times. . I’m cringing having shared this vulnerability, but it’s my reality as an autistic person. . I’m just sensitive and at times, riddled with insecurity. And, I’m human. . My way of doing things might be different to yours. You might be working in the same field, yet doing the same work very differently to me. . And neither of us are wrong or right. . We all do good. . My content, my writing on more serious issues is not reflective of my own grief or sadness or troubles. . I am happy. I am content. I am connected. I am switched on, tuned in. . And psychology is my passion. . I want to thank you all for doing what you do to move families out of the darkness and into the light, in our own varying ways. . Keep doing what you’re doing, because I sure as hell will be. . . With kindness, . . Kristy Forbes Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist

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