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  • Kristy Forbes

Our Autistic Children

Here's the thing about our autistic children: . We keep translating their thoughts, feelings and behaviours through a neurotypical, non autistic interpretation. . Autism is a different processing system. . People see sameness on the outside and assume and expect sameness on the inside. . It's time for a rethink. . It's disabling, disarming, disqualifying. . Almost every challenge associated with autism is driven by fear, anxiety and a sense of distrust. . Autistic children have their thoughts, feelings and needs dismissed every single day. We come along with good intentions and attempt to challenge them, encourage them, force them into what we believe is 'resilience'. . What we aren't seeing and recognising is that autistic children are single handedly the most resilient human beings on this earth. . Somewhere, somehow, they find these inner resources and wells of strength to continue to move forward in a world that consistently views them as unacceptable and requiring fixing and changing. . What they need is an adult they can trust. . An adult who wil say to the rest of the world "No, my child is incredible as they are.They need space, time and freedom to be and express who they are." . When we pressure them, we reinforce the anxiety and distrust that already remains, and we also, without realising it, reinforce a negative sense of self within them which will eventually develop into self rejection, self hatred and a greater disconnection than any amount of time off school, visits to shopping centres, attendance at birthday parties could ever produce. . If we never give them the opportunity to be who they were born to be, they will never have the opportunity to learn how to connect and engage with the world in a way that is intuitive for them. .